About this blog

Who this is blog for?

Generally speaking this blog is targeted at technology affine people. This blog is supposed to be at an intermediate/advanced level and is targeted towards people that want to take actions to enhance their digital privacy and are willing to spend some resources (mostly time to be honest, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money) but most importantly are willing to give up some comfort and convenience. The last part is very important to make clear: Enhanced privacy and security will most likely always come as a trade-off for convenience and comfort.

What content can you expect here?

The main purpose of this blog is to document my journey to enhance my digital privacy and can either be seen as a diary of my steps towards a more private digital life, as a pot of ideas which one can look into to find out if a certain solution is for you and also as a series of tutorials.

Why is this blog a thing?

I am not a fan of blindly typing or pasting in commands from a random tutorial from the internet. I want to know what is going on, how things work, why things are the way they are and what one needs to do to get certain things working.

I often find myself researching for some topic and skipping on a tutorial which only contains a list of steps. That is what frustrates me a lot when doing research for these projects and reading other tutorials. Readers are told to type in X, then Y, tick option Z and then use this and that. It’s basically a list of steps one was too lazy to write a bash script for.

So after I came across a few of those blogs, let’s jump ahead in time: I meanwhile opened around a trizilion tabs and got what ever I was trying to do working and am somewhat satisfied with the knowledge I gained. I now go back and close each tab one by one and look through every tab if it’s still useful to me. I often find myself on that first blog which only lists steps and think to myself: ‘Oh wait, that’s exactly what I ended up doing!’

This shows that these sites are not necessarily wrong, but they just don’t explain (very well) what these random commands are doing and why this is necessary. This blog is supposed to be different. It will show you the steps necessary just like those random blogs but will explain to you why we do certain things and what is going on under the hood. I might reference other post or articles which explain certain things way better than I ever could, but I will show you a path through the sheer amount of blogs out there which didn’t satisfy me, in the hope you won’t have to endure that.

So to summarize my goal is not only to show what one needs to type in this “magical” terminal but also to explain why this is necessary and what each step is doing. Also I try to at least slightly cover how things are working under the hood.